Fall 2007 Table of Contents

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PCSO Business Report
AAO/PCSO Council Position Open

Component Reports
Alberta - Dr. Phil Williamson
California - Dr. Richard Savage

AAOF Report
Preserving Our Legacy
Continued Support of Junior Faculty
2008 Awards
AAOF Web Site

President's Message
by Dr. Howard Hunt, PCSO President

From Executive Director, Phillip Rollins

2007 - A Year of Transition
by Dr. Gerald Nelson, PCSO Bulletin Editor

Letters to PCSO
Thank You Letter from Dr. Harry Hatasaka

Professionalism in Orthodontics from Dr. Mark Antosz

Practice Management Diary
Family or Business Culture
by Dr. Gerald Nelson, PCSO Bulletin Editor

Seasoned Practitioner's Corner
How Should a young resident educate him/herself during practice life?
If one wants to participate in the specialty association where does one start?

by Dr. Terry McDonald

Case Report
Commentary with Surgical Treatment Option Presented

Pre Treatment: Case V.W. 23 years, 8 months

Post Treatment: Case V.W. 25 years, 0 months

Portrait of a Professional
Roy Gunsolus, DDS - Seattle, WA
by Dr. Diane Paxton, Northern Region Editor

Presentation Summary:
O(Oh) S(Shucks) H(Here) It Is A(Again)
Presented by Terre Harris at PCSO Northern Region meeting 1/12/07
Summarized by Dr. Bruce Hawley, PCSO Northern Region Editor

Earl's Pearls
Dare to Go Square
(Minimize slot play)

by Dr. Earl Johnson