Spring 2010 Table of Contents

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PCSO Business

AAOF Report

President's Message

Concerns, Actions, Participation

Executive Director's Report

Advance Your Thoughts

Seasoned Practitioner's Corner

Surgical-Orthodontic Cases Part 2: Class III Treatment  | Dr. Terry McDonald Interviews Dr. Richard McLaughlin

Faculty Files
Oregon Health & Science University Graduate Orthodontic Program: An Overview with Focus on Research Efforts

Portrait of Two Professionals
Pat and Ron Rogowski

Practice Management Diary

Earl's Pearls
Anterior Crossbite Correction with Minimum Doctor Time

Central Region Meeting Summary
TMJ Disorders: Current and Future Innovations in Diagnostics and Therapeutics
The Crisis In Orthodontic Education: A Minority Opinion
Self-Ligation Brackets—Fad or Future?

Northern Region Meeting Summary
Missing Second Premolars: Can Early Treatment Make a Difference?

Pre-Treatment Case Report (Case V.S.)
Post-Treatment Case Report (Case V.S.)