Winter 2007 Table of Contents

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Meet our New Association Management Team
Jill Nowak, Executive Director
D.J. Haman, Meeting Coordinator
Ann Sebaugh, PCSO Coordinator

President’s Message
Who Is Driving and Where Are We Going?
by Dr. Ronald Wolk, PCSO President

PCSO Business
Annual Awards
Financial Analysis for 2006
Component Reports

AAOF Report

Member response to the Case Report Commentary

Regional meetings. Been to yours lately?
by Dr. Gerald Nelson, PCSO Bulletin

Practitioner’s Corner
Interview with Dr. Patrick Turley, former Chairman of Dept. of Orthodontics UCLA
By Dr. Terry McDonald

Faculty Files
Out of Sight, Out of Mind?
By Victoria Lynskey, DDS

Case Report
Case M.S. 25 Years, 2 months Pre-Treatment
Case M.S. 25 Years, 2 months Post-Treatment

Presentation Summaries