Winter 2009 Table of Contents

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PCSO Business

AAOF Report

President's Message

PCSO - New Horizons

Executive Director's Report

Your PCSO Dues - An Investment in You

Seasoned Practitioner's Corner

Surgical-Orthodontic Cases, Part I: Class II Treatment - Dr. Terry McDonal INterviews Dr. Richard McLaughlin

Faculty Files
What You May Have Forgettten About Cephalometric Analysis (Part II)

Portrait of a Professional

Dr. Lili Horton

Practice Management Diary

Search Engine Importance to Your Practice

Earl's Pearls
Using Torque Adjustments of the Maxillary and Mandibular Incisors to Increase Overjet Duriing Class II Correction

Northern Region Meeting Summary
Guidelines for Building Facial Harmony and Stability
17B Estradiol Dysfunction in Women with Severe Condylar Resorption

Southern Region Meeting Summary
Focus on Profitability for the Efficient Practice
3-D Imaging - Do We Really Need It?

In Memory

Pre-Treatment Case Report (Case T.K.)
Post-Treatment Case Report (Case T.K.)