Membership dues should be paid by Dec 31, 2020 to maintain access to AAO/PCSO member benefits. Pay now online or by calling the AAO Member Service Center at 314-993-1700.

New this year: members who pay their invoices using ACH (electronic bank account transfer) in lieu of credit card or check will receive a one-time 3% discount on their AAO member dues and consumer marketing fund. Please note for online renewals, the 3% discount will be processed as a refund after your full payment is submitted.

You may pay your dues in installment payments through April 2021. To make arrangements for dues installments, you must contact the AAO Member Service Center at 314-993-1700. Installments cannot be selected during online renewal.

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Ten Reasons To Be An AAO Member

1. Strength in Numbers
The AAO is the world’s largest dental specialty association comprised of more than 19,000 of your colleagues spanning more than 110 countries. By being an AAO member, you can play a part in presenting a unified voice that advocates for the profession and preserves the orthodontic specialty.

2. Promoting You and What You Do
The AAO’s Consumer Awareness Program is the ONLY mass marketing campaign working to raise awareness among consumers about the benefits of orthodontic treatment provided by orthodontists and promote orthodontists as specialists. Learn more at

3. Advocating for You and Your Patients
The AAO advocates for the orthodontic specialty to lawmakers throughout North America on issues that are important to you and your patients, such as healthcare, student loan refinancing, small business policy and tax reform. Additionally, AAO legal staff and regional leadership are actively engaged in state-level advocacy on important issues like dental specialty advertising and direct-to-consumer products.

4. AAO Annual Session
Each year, the AAO produces the world’s largest orthodontic gathering with thousands of members and orthodontic staff, hundreds of speakers and countless vendors and industry experts. The Annual Session offers attendees an opportunity to network with fellow orthodontists, learn from diverse speakers, and view the latest in clinical and practice innovations.

5. COVID-19 Support
The AAO’s COVID-19 Task Force – comprised of practicing orthodontists, legal counsel and experts in the areas of infectious diseases, infection control and office design – is focused on educating members on best practices while continually working with federal and state agencies to ensure orthodontic practices are represented. In addition, the online COVID-19 Resource Center continues to be updated regularly with important updates and the latest resources.

6. First-Class Continuing Education
In addition to in-person and virtual conferences, the AAO boasts an impressive online learning program, providing tools to help you stay at the top of your profession and maintain your continuing education (CE) requirements. Offerings include live webinars for doctors and staff; more than 500 hours of recorded content from AAO webinars and conferences; the free Business of Orthodontics webinar series; AJO-DO tests; and more.

7. Practice Resources
Maintaining and growing an orthodontic practice is an ongoing challenge that affects every orthodontist in one way or another. Every AAO member has access to valuable patient education and marketing materials and can count on a comprehensive array of practice forms and releases that make your job easier.

8. Orthodontic Career Services
Whether you’re in residency or nearing retirement, the AAO supports your career and practice transition needs. Led by our online job board, the AAO Career Center, we can help you locate a position, hire an associate or sell your practice. Take advantage of the online Practice Transition Portal and orthodontic career path resources to help you make informed decisions.

9. Legal Services
At some point in every orthodontist’s career, there will come the need for legal services or counsel. While the AAO does not legally represent individual members or offer official legal advice, it does provide guidance to members on issues affecting their practices and patients. Other resources, such as answers to common legal questions, sample agreements and legal seminars, are also available.

10. The AAO is You!
The AAO continues to be “for orthodontists, by orthodontists”. As a member-driven association, you can rest assured that your best interests are at the heart of what we do. The AAO House of Delegates, Board of Trustees, and council and committee members are all fellow AAO members dedicated to developing programs and services that will have value for you as you treat patients and manage your practice.

For a detailed listing of AAO member benefits, visit