What benefits does PCSO offer its New and Younger Members? As a resident or a newly practicing orthodontists, the younger members face special challenges unique to this early stage of their career. While the benefits of PCSO membership like educational offerings and a free subscription to the PCSO Bulletin will benefit these members, PCSO supports them with many efforts designed to meet their particular needs.

The objectives of the committee include:

  • Providing a venue where new and younger PCSO members and spouses can gather to make new acquaintances, discuss common issues, and share ideas;
  • Providing a conduit through which new and younger members can have issues brought to the attention of the PCSO Board of Directors or appropriate committees;
  • Providing an opportunity for new and younger members to get involved in the PCSO via participation in the New and Younger Member Committee;
  • Addressing the needs of young orthodontists trying to balance raising a family and starting their careers.

This committee hosts the New and Younger Member Luncheon at the PCSO Annual Session which helps attendees develop their network of professional colleagues.

The Chair of this committee, Dr. Payam Owtad has a voice on the PCSO Board of Directors and strives to bring the issues facing this valued group of members to leadership in order to implement programs aimed at their needs.  The Committee is made up of members from diverse backgrounds and locations that are always available to answer the needs of PCSO’s New and Younger Members.

If you are interested in participating with the committee or have an idea to share, please contact Dr. Owtad or the PCSO President, Dr. Kam Olfert at info@pcsortho.org.