Current Opportunities

Council on Scientific Affairs 

PCSO is looking for a representative to join the AAO Council on Scientific Affairs (COSA). The term would begin in October, 2021 and expire in May, 2023. At that time, the representative would be eligible for re-appointment for two additional two-year terms. All interested members are encouraged to apply. Click here for more information.

Want to get involved in PCSO?

There are many committees and task forces to share your knowledge and expertise. Here is a list of some of them with their charges. We would welcome your participation and invite all members to get involved. Complete the volunteerism survey today, and we’ll do our best to find the best spot for you!

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee will:

  • make recommendations on revisions to the bylaws as may be deemed advisable for the improvement of the Society and not in conflict with the provisions and policies of the AAO;
  • study all amendments proposed by members or by the Board and report its recommendations to the Board of Directors;
  • review changes in the bylaws of the AAO and submit recommendations for amendments to reflect these changes; and
  • recommend bylaws changes to the various component societies.

Component Relations Committee

The Component Relations Committee will:

  • maintain a current list of contact information for all officers and administrative staff of PCSO component societies;
  • develop, evaluate, and maintain resources for component organizations;
  • review leadership development and training opportunities for component leaders at PCSO functions; 
  • ensure that PCSO Directors take an active role as a channel of communication between the PCSO and their component society and its officers on an ongoing basis during their term as PCSO Director, including attendance at component board and general membership meetings, presentation of written and oral update reports from the PCSO Board to the component societies, and submission of written update reports from the component societies to the PCSO Board;
  • update and maintain a PCSO Update PowerPoint to be used at component meetings;
  • plan a yearly gathering of PCSO component presidents and presidents-elect;
  • work with PCSO Executive Committee to schedule component visits and communication with component leadership; and
  • make available to each component a yearly educational grant of up to $1,500.

Continuing Education Committee

The Continuing Education Committee will:

  • plan and execute the continuing education events of the PCSO, including, but not limited to the Annual Session in the fall and the continuing education event in the spring; 
  • scout future speakers;
  • create a database of speakers to keep track of past, current, and future speakers;
  • develop relationships with sponsors and exhibitors to ensure that meetings are beneficial to them as well as PCSO members; and
  • maintain budgetary and financial oversight of the continuing education events.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee will:

  • provide ongoing oversight of the management of the Society;
  • act as a liaison between PCSO volunteers and staff;
  • develop a useable evaluation form in collaboration with the Executive Director for use by PCSO leadership to assess staff performance;
  • develop a useable evaluation form for use by PCSO leadership to assess overall board performance and individual director performance; and
  • report results of the evaluations at a Board of Directors meeting annually.

Leadership Development Program Committee

The Leadership Development Program Committee will:

  • provide individual members and leaders with a learning experience that will aid them in developing and improving leadership skills through a Leadership Development Conference;
  • develop individual leadership skills that can be utilized in various types of practices, church groups, civic organizations, study clubs, and dental societies;
  • identify future leaders for components and the constituent and provide them with the knowledge and skills to effectively govern; and
  • encourage a culture of volunteerism within the PCSO and its component societies.

Membership & Communications Committee

The Membership and Communications Committee will:

  • manage all aspects of communication to PCSO membership;
  • examine new vehicles for communication with PCSO members;
  • oversee the Bulletin, Bulletin Digest, and NewsWire publications;
  • identify timely and relevant information to share with PCSO members; and
  • manage the PCSO mobile app.

PCSO Women Orthodontists Committee

The PCSO Women Orthodontists Committee will:

  • address concerns of women orthodontists; and
  • suggest recommendations for how the PCSO can better meet the needs of women orthodontists.

Policy & Procedures Review Committee

The Policy and Procedures Review Committee will:

  • review this manual annually based on the “Review of PCSO Policies” policy;
  • recommend changes as necessary to any existing PCSO policy; and
  • suggest any new policies of relevance.

Reserve Fund Investment Committee

The Reserve Fund Investment Committee will:

  • monitor PCSO investments and reserves;
  • suggest adjustments to PCSO investments and reserves based upon objectives set forth; and
  • be guided by the Reserve Investments policy included herein.

Resident Committee

The Resident Committee will:

  • address the needs of resident members;
  • provide a conduit through which residents can bring issues to the attention of the PCSO Board of Directors and appropriate committees, improving bi-directional communication;
  • inform their colleagues about the AAO, PCSO, and component;
  • encourage participation, involvement, and attendance from their colleagues; and
  • work to have at least one scientific posterboard submission from their program at the Annual Session each year.

Social Media Committee

The Social Media Committee will actively work with the social media vendor to:

  • create a social media strategy for the PCSO;
  • oversee a social media timeline and calendar for postings;
  • cultivate timely and relevant content for PCSO members; and
  • manage all social media postings on a variety of platforms.

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee will:

  • review and evaluate the strategic plan on an ongoing basis;
  • work with the Board of Directors to address the long-term goals of the Society;
  • consider new issues and priorities of the PCSO membership and make recommendations to the Board of Directors; and
  • suggest new critical issues to the Board of Directors based on goals of the strategic plan.

Website Committee

The Website Committee will:

  • monitor the PCSO website for relevance to PCSO members; and
  • suggest content for the website.

Critical Issues Task Forces

Critical Issues Task Forces (CITF) will focus on the board-identified PCSO critical issues, taken from and building upon the strategic plan, to initiate action and ideas within existing structures to better serve PCSO members.