Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Opportunities2019-03-20T17:13:34-04:00

Want to get involved in PCSO?

There are many ways to participate. See the list below or contact info@pcsortho.org to provide your current resume and express your interest.

Social Media Editor

The Social Media Editor will increase the visibility of PCSO activities and membership benefits to members, potential members, orthodontic residents and others through various media outlets and social media platforms, the PCSO mobile app, and other sites. (Currently the PCSO has a Facebook and Instagram account.) In addition, the Social Media Editor should identify and post appropriate articles, videos and other information that is useful to PCSO members. The Social Media Editor will be assisted by a social media consultant, TBD, as well as PCSO administrative staff.

Specifically, the PCSO Social Media Editor will:

• work closely with PCSO staff to plan for and coordinate messaging to PCSO members focused on event promotion, member benefits, and board/committee/delegation activity;
• identify items (photos, articles, videos) of value to the PCSO membership and ensure this content is posted to PCSO social media outlets on a regular basis;
• interface with PCSO officers and other leaders periodically to determine appropriate and compelling messaging for social media platforms;
• utilize social media messaging to draw attention to PCSO website content and resources such as tools for residents/orthodontic staff;
• integrate promotional artwork (logos, banners, pictures, etc.) to promote upcoming PCSO events and increase registration for these events;
• attend PCSO events (expenses to be reimbursed) with the purpose of taking photos, sharing stories, and building excitement for the event as well as future events;
prepare a slideshow of photos at the PCSO Annual Session to be shared during the Appreciation Dinner; and
• be mindful of AAO content that can be boosted through PCSO social media sites.

The Social Media Editor is expected to spend an average of 1-2 hours per week as well as significant time at PCSO events fulfilling these duties.