Lifetime Achievement Award

This PCSO award recognizes exceptional personal effort by an individual to advance the art and science of the orthodontic specialty. The Lifetime Achievement Award is given only under exceptional circumstances. It is presented at the PCSO Annual Session.  This award is not necssarily given each year.

Criteria for the award are:

  • Recipient must be or have been a member of the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists;
  • Recipient must have at least 20 years in the practice of orthodontics;
  • The individual must exemplify the highest ethical standards in all aspects of life and the practice of orthodontics;
  • The individual must have lived his/her professional life committed to the pursuit of excellence;
  • The recipient must have made outstanding achievements, as well as, significant and extraordinary contributions to the PCSO and/or the specialty of orthodontics. Extraordinary humanitarian or community service related to the field of orthodontics will also be considered.


2019 – Gary R. Baughmann
2014 – Vincent Kokich (posthumously)
2012 – Donald Joondeph
2011 – David Turpin
2010 – Terry McDonald
2007 – Arthur Dugoni
2006 – Lawrence Andrews