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PCSO Leadership

2017-2018 PCSO Executive Committee Officers

Dr. Kamrin Olfert

Dr. Kurt Stormberg

Dr. Robert Meister

PCSO Trustee to the AAO

Dr. Norman Nagel

PCSO Executive Committee Members

Immediate Past President
Dr. Paul Kasrovi

 Delegation Chair
Dr. Ronald Wolk
Executive Director
Ms. Callie Castro

PCSO Directors


Warren Libby


Ryan Edwards


Michael Feinberg

British Columbia
Trista Felty

Mary Cooke

Kelly Giannetti


Sneha Oberoi

John Trotter

Todd Walkow

Peter Worth

Susan Zand

David Dung

Scott Alexander


Adam Welmerink

Marie Lathrop

Dean Henrichs

Tom Merrill


PCSO Non-Voting Board Members

PCSO Bulletin Editor
Dr. Jae Park

NYM Committee Chair
Payam Owtad

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PCSO Committee Chair 

  • Dr. Kamrin Olfert, Budget and Finance Committee
  • Dr. Ron Wolk, Bylaws Committee
  • Dr. Todd Walkow, Communications Committee
  • Dr. Kamrin Olfert, Critical Issues Task Force
  • Dr. Kurt Stormberg, Critical Issues Task Force
  • Dr. Kurt Stormberg, Resident and Younger Member Resources
  • Dr. Susan Zand, Board Communication and Evaluation
  • Dr. Michael Pickard, Promote the Benefits of an Orthodontic Staff Career
  • Dr. Bryan Hicks, Management Evaluation Committee
  • Dr. Payam Owtad, New and Younger Member Committee Chair
  • Dr. Bryan Hicks,  Nominating and Awards Committee
  • Dr. Kamrin Olfert, Reserve Fund Investment Committee

2017-2018 PCSO Delegation

  • Dr. Ronald Wolk, Chair
  • Dr. Frank Beglin
  • Dr. John Griffiths
  • Dr. Bryan Hicks
  • Dr. Lili Horton
  • Dr. Paul Kasrovi
  • Dr. Robert Meister
  • Dr. Tom Merrill
  • Dr. Kam Olfert
  • Dr. Kurt Stormberg
  • Dr. Todd Walkow
  • Dr. Trista Felty Alternate
  • Dr. Kelly Giannetti,, Alternate
  • Dr. John Wachtel, Alternate

PCSO Representatives to AAO Councils and Committees

  • Dr. Courtney Dunn, Council on Communications
  • Dr. Frank Beglin, Council on Government Affairs
  • Dr. Jacqueline Bunce, Council on Membership
  • Dr. Glenn Sameshima, Council on Orthodontic Education
  • Dr. Rodney Dubois, Council on Orthodontic Health Care
  • Dr. John Griffiths, Council on Orthodontic Practice
  • Dr. David Covell, Council on Scientific Affairs
  • Dr. Trista Felty, Council on New and Younger Members
  • Dr. Dan Graur, Committee on Orthodontic Information Technology
  • Dr. Rita Chuang, Committee on Insurance
  • Dr. Michael Feinberg AAOPAC Representative
  • Dr. Terrie Yoshikane, AAOF Director
  • Dr. Jae Park ABO Director
  • Dr. Bruce Goldstein, CBABO Council

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PCSO Presidents

Term PCSO President
2016-2017 Dr. Paul Kasrovi
2015-2016 Dr. Bryan Hicks
2014-2015 Dr. Frank Beglin
2013-2014 Dr. Ronald Jawor
2014-2013 Dr. Bryan Williams
2011-2012 Dr. Robert (Rob) Merrill
2010-2011 Dr. Lesley Williams
2009-2010 Dr. Lili Horton
2008-2009 Dr. Kenneth Kai
2007-2008 Dr. Ronald Wolk
2006-2007 Dr. Howard Hunt
2005-2006 Dr. Norman Nagel
2004-2005 Dr. Steve Dugoni
2003-2004 Dr. James Peck
2002-2003 Dr. Todd Hellwig
2001-2002 Dr. Dale Rhoney
2000-2001 Dr. Robert Varner
1999-00 Dr. John Grubb
1998-99 Dr. Rodney Dubois
1997-98 Dr. Gary Baughman
1996-97 Dr. Patrick Turley
1995-96 Dr. Robin Jackson
1994-95 Dr. Lee Boese
1993-94 Dr. Robert Kuhn*
1992-93 Dr. Terry McDonald
1991-92 Dr. George Kaprelian
1990-91 Dr. J. Richard Wittwer*
1989-90 Dr. Donald Joondeph
1988-89 Dr. Harry Hatasaka
1987-88 Dr. William Ridgeway
1986-87 Dr. Theodore Thom
1985-86 Dr. Joseph Gryson
1984-85 Dr. Herbert Gabriel
1983-84 Dr. R. William McNeill
1982-83 Dr. Kleve Johnson*
1981-82 Dr. Robert Boyd
1980-81 Dr. W. Eugene Brain
1979-80 Dr. Donald Poulton
1978-79 Dr. Earl Crane*
1977-78 Dr. John Anderson
1976-77 Dr. Ronald Koster
1975-76 Dr. Fay Van*
1974-75 Dr. Kenneth Kahn*
1973-74 Dr. Donald Priewe
1972-73 Dr. Harvey Spears*
1971-72 Dr. Ted Harper
1970-71 Dr. Harold Odden*
1969-70 Dr. Lloyd Cottingham
1968-69 Dr. Richard Philbrick*
1967-68 Dr. Warren Kitchen
1966-67 Dr. Charles Linfesty*
1965-66 Dr. Malcolm Chipman*
1964-65 Dr. Eugene West*
1961-64 Dr. H. V. Muchnic*
1960-61 Dr. E. A. Bishop*
1958-60 Dr. R. M. Railsback*
1956-58 Dr. A. F. Heimlich*
1953-56 Dr. Arnold Stoller*
1951-53 Dr. R. L. Blake*
1949-51 Dr. C. F. S. Dillon*
1947-49 Dr.S. B. Hoskin*
1943-47 Dr. J. Camp Dean*
1941-43 Dr. Ben Reese*
1939-41 Dr. William Sheffer*
1937-39 Dr. George Barker*
1935-37 Dr. John Taylor*
1932-35 Dr. Allen Scott*
1930-32 Dr. Harvey Stryker*
1928-30 Dr. C. M. McCauley*
1926-28 Dr. W. R. Dinham*
1924-25 Dr. L. E. Carter*
1923-24 Dr. Allen Suggett*
1922-23 Dr. Albert Solley*
1921-22 Dr. C. C. Mann*
1920-21 Dr. H. Moorehouse*
1919-20 Dr. J. R. McCoy*
1918-19 Dr. B. Frank Gary*
1917-18 Dr. Wm. Cavanaugh*
1915-17 Dr. J. D. McCoy*
1914-15 Dr. Robert Bolton*
1913-14 Dr. Robert Dunn*

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