Summer 2018: Component Reports

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Alaska The Alaska State Society of Ortho-dontists (ASSO) had a successful March meeting. Including doctors and staff, over 70 people attended; this was a record number for the ASSO! Dr. Anil Idiculla’s lecture gave us relevant and innovative ideas. Drs. Kurt Stormberg and Warren Libby updated the ASSO on the latest news from PCSO.

Summer 2018: PCSO Delegation Report: AAO HOD

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Dr. Ronald Wolk PCSO AAO Delegation Chair Great Strides in AAO Bylaws and Policies from AAO HOD The recent gathering of the AAO House of Dele-gates (HOD) in Washington, D.C. was exciting and showed how the AAO is making progress with the initiation of some new directions. It was my honor

Summer 2018: Message from the President and Executive Director

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Dr. Kamrin Olfert PCSO President 2017–2018 Callie Castro, MBA, CAE PCSO Executive Director So much of PCSO’s work throughout the year is truly a collaborative effort between the organi -zation’s volunteer leadership and its executive director. As such, we thought it fitting to provide you with a combined